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Corbett National Park

Jim Corbett National Park is the most established national park in India and was set up in 1936 as Hailey National Park to secure the Royal Bengal tiger. It is situated in Nainital locale of Uttarakhand and was named after Jim Corbett who assumed a key job in its foundation. The recreation center was the first to go under the Project Tiger initiative.
The recreation center has sub-Himalayan belt land and natural characteristics.An ecotourism destination,it contains 488 unique types of plants and an assorted assortment of fauna.The expansion in vacationer exercises, among different issues, keeps on showing a genuine test to the recreation center's biological balance.
Corbett has been a frequent for voyagers and natural life sweethearts for a long time. when Tourism movement is just permitted in chosen territories of Corbett Tiger Reserve with the goal that individuals get a chance to see its scene and untamed life. In late years when the quantity of individuals coming here has expanded significantly. Presently,when each season in excess of 70,000 guests go to the recreation center.
Corbett National Park involves 520.8 km2 (201.1 sq mi) region of slopes, riverine belts, mucky dejections, meadows and a vast lake. The rise ranges from 1,300 to 4,000 ft (400 to 1,220 m). Winter evenings are chilly however the days are splendid and bright. It downpours from July to September.
Thick damp deciduous woods for the most part comprises of sal, haldu, peepal, rohini and mango trees. Woodland covers just about 73% of the recreation center, 10% of the territory comprises of meadows. It houses around 110 tree species, 50 types of vertebrates, 580 winged creature species and 25 reptile species.

Corbett Safari

Corbett National Park offers you with the facilities of Jungle Safari. One can search for nature wildlife , to have flying animals watching and getting a charge out of the valuable nature. You can likewise have Jeep safari through the wildernesses of Corbett and if sufficiently fortunate can even detect a few tigers. On the off chance that courageous further or to have some paramount minutes, can take up an Elephant safari, extremely astonishing knowledge.


Four Wheel Drive Open Jeep Safaris to the BIJRANI - JHIRNA - DURGADEVI - CORBETT LANDSCAPE - ALL DAY VISIT ZONES of Corbett Tiger Reserve offer the guest an essential ordeal to see Wildlife and Avi Fauna in its unspoilT characteristic natural surroundings. With our armada of the most recent Gypsys all vehicles have operational 4 Wheel Drive according to the Corbett National Park contamination standards arrangement. These open finish rough terrain vehicles are most appropriate for the tough territory of Corbett National Park with our expert and experienced untamed life prepared drivers and the learned Park Nature Guides, who go with you for these Trips are knowledgeable with everyday changes of untamed life development, guarantee that your Jeep Safari encounter is past what you have envisioned. We ask for the guest to embrace our Jeep safaris with a receptive outlook, appreciate and value everything that comes your direction - the jigsaw astound will fall set up - on the off chance that you are bound to see a Tiger - you will !! Appreciate, Explore, have a great time, be amazed...on our Jungle Jeep Safaris !! Corbett Tiger Reserve has been isolated into six totally unrelated the travel industry zones, each having separate entrygate for entry.

Corbett Zones

There are mainly five Corbett Tiger Reserve Zones that you can visit. You can book online for safari, by Jeep or Canter, to visit these amazing zones. Dhikala Zone is known for its splendid natural beauty and also for offering a sight of many exotic animals and birds. If you are a hard-core wildlife lover, then it is recommended that you go for a night stay in this zone for better sighting opportunities. The ideal time to visit this place is from 15th of November to 15h of June, every year. Animals to be spotted are Bengal Tiger, Elephants, Cheetahs and several species of birds. Bijrani Zone in Corbett Park is known for its richness in natural beauty and the vast grasslands. Mixed type of topography can be seen here. Tiger spotting is almost a certain activity in this zone compared to other places in Corbett Park. The best time for visiting this zone is from Mid October to June.

Dhikala Zone

Dhikala Zone Being the biggest and most shifted zone in Corbett, Dhikala is popular for its bounteous characteristic excellence and also offering the best sight for intriguing fauna. Entry Gate is 18 km far from Ramnagar city. Night remain inside the Dhikala Tourism Zone is profoundly suggested for the bad-to-the-bone natural life aficionados.
With the end goal to advance the travel industry in the area Corbett National Park has been partitioned into Six distinct zones. These are the checked cradle or center territory of the recreation center where guests can be a piece of natural life safari and can appreciate the captivating conduct of the Animals with uncovered eyes at nearness.

Bijrani Zone

Bijrani Zone Bijrani Zone is extremely mainstream traveler's center point due to its copious common magnificence and open meadows. Entry Gate of the zone is situated at just 02 Km from Ramnagar city.
Entry is from Amdanda entryway arranged near Ramnagar town - 30 Jeeps are allowed each morning and evening and can be reserved well ahead of time - this was an acclaimed shooting hinder amid the British Raj days and has crosswise over segment of Jungle streets most appropriate for Jungle Jeep Safaris. This region has a solid Tiger and wildife populace and subsequently the odds of locating are tremendous. Situated on the eastern end of Corbett, Bijrani contains a wide assortment of greenery and fauna which incorporates Sal timberlands on the upper compasses and tropical damp, deciduous blended woods in the valley and plain zones. The accessibility of water from enduring sources and furthermore from man made water openings and the area of the amazingly wide prairies give a solid prey base to the enormous felines and brushing for the herbivores.
Bijrani Tourism Zone is open from 15 October to 30th June consistently.

Jhirna Zone

Jhirna Zone situated on the southern outskirts of Corbett Tiger Reserve - 30 Jeeps are allowed each morning and evening and can be reserved well ahead of time - the zone comprised of numerous towns and was prime cultivating region - however being in closeness to Corbett the yields were crushed by wild creatures - this made it one of the high man creature struggle zone for a considerable length of time. The Park experts at that point figured out how to migrate these towns with its cultivating populace to another territory and the Jhirna zone was added to the Corbett Tiger Reserve. This specific territory was changed into field living space which is phenomenal for winged creature observing yet this additionally gives rich munching to herbivores and wild Elephants. One can see plentiful cheetal, sambhar and wild pig which makes this place alluring for Tiger sightings - there is likewise a decent opportunity to see sloth bear and wild elephants which give extraordinary sightings to the untamed life lovers. Jhirna is another vital traveler zone in the Jim Corbett National park that is open for vacationer round the year. Jhirna Gate is situated at 16 km from Ramnagar city.
Jhirna Tourism Zone is open consistently. Whole year

Dhela Zone

Dhela is another eco the travel industry zone in Corbett National Park incorporated into tiger hold zone in November 2014. This is the main zone in the save's cushion zone open to vacationers in CTR. The zone is holding the consideration of expansive number of traveler in view of its well off verdure, open consistently, Dhela zone entry Gate situated of 16 Km from Ramnagar City.
This is the most up to date and 6th eco-the travel industry zone that was opened for sightseers in December 2014. Dhela Ecotourism zone stays open for vacationers consistently. This zone is to a great degree wealthy in widely varied vegetation. The zone spreads more than 1,173 hectares, which has blended woodlands of Sal, Rohini, Haldu, Bahera, Kusum vegetation, and tigers, panthers, Asiatic elephants, sloth bears and lord cobras. The zone is especially wealthy in winged creature diveristy.
Dhela Tourism Zone is open consistently Whole year

DurgaDevi Zone

Durga Devi Zone Located on the north-eastern limit of the Jim Corbett National Park, Durga Devi zone is the paradise on planet earth for the individuals who are attached to fowl viewing. Entry Gate is situated at an inexact separation of 36 km from Ramnagar city.
11 Jeeps are permitted every morning & evening and can be booked well in advance - the area consists of virgin Sal Forest and the meandering Ramganga river and its riverine forest and grasslands - making it very suitable for bird watching with many rare species of Raptors and forest birds. the track leads to the confluence of the Mandal & Ramgnaga rivers that provide the opportunity to see wild elephants all round the year and the undulating terrain provides excellent chances to see Leopard as well as Tiger. The Mandal range of Corbett tiger Reserve is very rich for species like lesser grey headed fishing eagle, crested laughing thrush, maroon oriole, black chinned yuhina, slaty blue flycatcher, little forktail and bar tailed tree creeper etc..
Durga Devi Tourism Zone is open from 15th November to 15th June every year.

Corbett Landscape Zone

Sitabani Buffer Zone For the event that you are partial to peaceful climate of the common excellence, must visit Sitabani zone.
This cushion zone of Corbett territory is a noteworthy piece of the recently made Powalgarh Conservation Reserve, situated on the Northern side of the Kosi stream - in view of the Tourism standards pursued by Corbett National Park - section is from 02 Entry Gets specifically Bhandarpani and Powalgarh. This Sal, Mixed and Riverine Forest passage is wealthy in all verdure and fauna and ongoing camera trap studies demonstrate an expansive populace of Tigers and obviously all different warm blooded animals. There is a sanctuary situated amidst the Forest committed to Goddess Sita Ji - this sanctuary has a fanciful importance for Hindu enthusiasts - normal warm water from a spring streams here - as far as anyone knows has some restorative and recuperating characteristics. A very much led Jeep Safari with a learned driver is as compensating for natural life seeing when contrasted with a Jeep Safari to alternate zones .
Corbett Landscape (Sitabani) region is open from 01 October to 30 June consistently.

How to Reach

Jim Corbett national park is easily accessabile from the capital of India 'Delhi' by road and also by train. Nearest Airport is also 'Delhi Airport' which is around 250 kms away from 'Ramnagar'. 'Ramnagar' is enterance point to corbett national park and also headquarter of Corbett tiger reserve India. One domestic airport at a distance of 65 kms in 'Pantnagar' has established but there are no regular flights for this airport. Following are the best routes to reach corbett from Delhi, Lucknow, Bareilly and Haridwar. For other major cities like Kolkata, Chennai or Mumbai you have to reach Delhi and from Delhi you can easily reach corbett.

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